To break or not to break…

07 August 2017 / By reset corporate massage

When did life become such a juggling act? I work with so many different people from all walks of life and the one thing that each and every one of us has in common is that we struggle every day.

Whether that be juggling a family with work, dealing with the guilt every day leaving your children. I remember watching that film Bad Moms and thinking how incredibly accurate that was, especially the scene when Mila Cunis who plays a working mum is crying hysterically at least once a day sat in a desolate car park somewhere.

This had become her break time !!! As she tried to keep up with extremely high expectations and demands that are put on us as people every day.

Im not ashamed to say that has been me at certain points of my life with 3 young children. Building a business, finding time for activities that will help me to switch off  relax and unwind. Life is soooo busy.

Unbelievably sometimes it can feel good to just stop the car and let it all out. Then of course you pull up your big girl pants and get on with it. All joking aside however has it really came to the point where these are the only little breaks we are giving ourselves?

The car is my place, although I know from friends etc the office toilet is another popular place to let it all out if you know what I mean.

We need another option – something that is great for us physically and more importantly emotionally and mentally. I have been lucky enough in my work to provide people who are feeling tired, stressed ,worried anxious in pain or depressed another option a proper break even if its only for 10mins .

That is enough to make a huge difference to how they feel. Giving them the permission to be kind to themselves take that all important time out that could make the difference between keeping going or burning out…..

In the workplace, we often find those in leadership positions are unsure of why their staff are lethargic, unable to focus and falling flat on their faces at work.

People need more than a couple of minutes standing in the corner of the office throwing a sandwich down their throat. For breaks at work to be effective there needs to be a complete change of pace as the staff are given the permission to take a proper time out. The benefits will be fantastic for everyone.

Take time through out the day, preferably away from your desk as this is the best way to lift stress. Encourage everyone to take a 5-10 minute break every hour. This may seem like a short period of time but it’s enough to allow people to clear their heads and get through the workday unscathed.

So today be kind to yourself and take that break, above is one of my favourite pictures my little boy Tommy allowing me to take my all important 5 minute time out.

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