Why you should pull up a chair at your next event…

06 August 2017 / By reset corporate massage

Having free massage at your event is becoming more and more popular as a way to stand out from the crowd and provide your guests with something completely unique.

People love free stuff so offering them something that they will be guaranteed to talk about for a lot longer than a t-shirt, old faithful free pen or keyring is a fantastic marketing tool. 

At Reset we are involved right from the start. Helping to plan and create a package especially for you.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be asked along to provide massages at the very popular Business is Women second birthday party at The Slug and Lettuce. It was an incredible event and all of the attendees were so excited to get their free massage.

Orlaith – the host, was delighted and said it was a really fantastic icebreaker encouraging people to unwind and giving them something to talk to each other about – a win win situation.

One of the most common bits of feedback we receive at these events is that no matter where it is being held even in a very noisy bar or conference centre people are always surprised as to how easily they switch off. Meaning your customers/clients are guaranteed to be left feeling satisfied.

So don’t be put off the idea of massage if you are holding your event in a busy place. Our team works so hard to make sure every single person we treat will feel special looked after and like they are the only person in the room.

Your marketing materials should always include the fact that you’re offering free massages. It can entice anyone who may be undecided to attend your event.

Another great thing about chair massage is the hype it causes at your event. There is always a buzz with so many people eager and excited to get their treatment and take advantage of 10 minutes time out off their feet. However because of this, there is bound to be a waiting time. Why not make the most of this as it provides a great opportunity for you to talk to people while they are happily waiting. Maybe ask a few questions about their experience so far or even pitch a product to them. Take their contact details etc.

Massage provides more than a memory of your event. It provides an experience to your attendees, something they will talk about and won’t be forgotten. Your event will be remembered for all the right reasons and they will tell friends, colleagues not to mention tweets/Facebook about their amazing free massage. 

For more information and to book our fantastic team for your next event please email: info@resetcorporatemassage.co.uk 

Gemma Mcandrew – CEO Reset Corporate Massage